Online consultation update

What happens when you submit a request via our online consultation system, Klinik.


We went live with Klinik on 14th November 2023.  since then we have received and dealt with over 26,000 online consultations.

We thought it would be good to provide you with an update to tell you about the process that takes place behind the scenes when you submit an online consultation using Klinik.

What happens when you click submit

For all new or ongoing health problems, fit note requests or care home enquiries, once you click submit, the online form goes to the GPs at Corner Place Surgery straight away.

The GP triages the request and decides on the next course of action.

What is triage?

When we say 'triage' it means that the GP checks the details provided to decide how urgently the treatment is required and what kind of treatment is needed.


1. Urgent for today

The GP might call you right away or ask our receptionists to get in touch to bring you in.

2. Not urgent for today

The GP will ask our receptionists to contact you within the next two weeks, this could be by telephone, email or text message and will usually happen within five days, often sooner.

3. Other outcomes

The GP may think a different outcome is the most suitable so may send your request to our in-house pharmacists or suggest that you visit a pharmacy for treatment.

In these cases you will be contacted by one of our team by telephone, text message or email in the next few days.

All other enquiries

If you choose another option, such as insurance reports, nurse appointments or social prescribing, when you click submit your request goes to the right team to handle it.

You will receive a response within five days, although in most cases this is much sooner.


We manage every request in the same way.

If you phone us our receptionists will complete the form over the telephone with you.

If you visit the surgery, our receptionists will help you use one of the iPads in the waiting area.

In every instance, once the submit button is clicked, the request goes directly to the GPs or the most appropriate team.

Happy to help

If you would like to have a go at completing the Klinik form yourself but don't know where to start or don't have the confidence, please come along to the surgery.

Our amazing reception team will come into the waiting area and show you how to do it, help you do it yourself or stand back and be there if you need some support.

Save time

We are aware that at times our telephones are busy and long waits are frustrating.

If you use the online form, the doctors can see your request faster, often before we even pick up the phone.

Try it now

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