Social prescribing

There are many local help services available if you are looking for ways to manage your health and wellbeing. Find out more about social prescribing and the support available.

What is social prescribing?

Social prescribing is a non-clinical service that helps you explore your individual needs and what matters to you, we create a plan and signpost you to services, groups or organisations for practical and/or emotional support, there are lots of people, activities, groups and services in the community that can help meet your needs, enabling life changes.

The personalised support can be delivered over a number of sessions, this will give you the time and confidence to work on the underlying issues which are affecting your overall health and well being.

Who is social prescribing for?

Social Prescribing is for registered patients age 18+ struggling with any of the following issues:

  • Housing, debt & benefit issues (housing support, struggling with forms, in debt).
  • Bereaved & struggling to cope.
  • Social needs & interaction - lonely/isolated/lacking direction in life/low confidence/low self-esteem & social anxiety.
  • Mental Health – depression, anxiety, stress & low mood (to give direction & purpose in life).
  • Long term health conditions (chronic pain, diabetes, dementia, any long-term condition).
  • Low level addiction & recovery (getting focused).
  • Learning, voluntary & employment opportunities (lost job, redundancy, issues at work).
  • Mental, physical & learning disability support, help, opportunities.
  • Struggling with parenthood & caring.
  • Lifestyle support (weight management, exercise/move more, live well).
  • Finding a club, activity, group, or support.

Whatever you are struggling with, we will find the right help and support for you.

Please note, you have to be motivated to make a change, no one can do it but you.

If you feel you could benefit from Social Prescribing, please contact us via Access Klinik system with a brief description of what you would like support with and one of our Social Prescribing team will be in touch